Moveable Feast: A Bothy Project

Created and Programmed by Patricia Healy McMeans, Stephen Kavanagh & James Currie, with Design and Building assistance from Donald Watson

12-28 June, 2015
Running as part of the Embassy Annuale
Edinburgh, Scotland

Moveable Feast Bothy –  a modular structure built to move – will host several events and be sited in various locations around Edinburgh and Leith over the course of Embassy Annuale, and can be tracked using the Bothy Tracker. Events throughout the Annuale to include dinners, exhibitions, film screenings, and workshops, including one-nighter art shows curated by artists James Currie and Rachael Disbury, respectively, and film screening/s highlighting site-specific situated learning environments, such as Black Mountain College, organized by Stephen Kavanagh. MF:Residency is an experimental artists’ residency project running with and through the Bothy, and can be followed here.

Through this project, we are co-opting the improvisational camaraderie and conversational tactics of what occurs “down the pub” which remain in constant flux, and are the incubators of networking, assemblage, and resistance. The moving-through-ness of the structure’s transportability challenges and investigates ways in which knowledge is exchanged in an era of social acceleration: often through a temporary settlement within a like-minded community, both scalable and embedded at the same time.

Please check back to this website for specific details on the day.
Daily programme and bothy location…

Many thanks to David Martin and Hidden Door
for recycling their materials with us.