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Rachael Disbury: walking journey to find a good coffee

Sunday 28 June, at noon our final day of happenings in the Bothy, we heard recent ECA MFA graduate Rachael Disbury talk about her walking journey to find a good coffee, from Huntly towards Aberdeen. How far would you go for a good cup of coffee? Find out her answer on the day.

Art as life, Life as art, metaphor, practicalities, sore legs.


In conjunction with the ‘Movable Feast Bothy’ and the Embassy Annuale, an exhibition featuring the work of James Currie, and Zürich based artist Anne-Laure Franchette.

Friday 26th – 28th June. Opening and drinks will be at 7pm on the 26th at our Canalside location.


As part of the Embassy Annuale, the bothy is traveling the length and breadth of the city, and will be providing a platform for various events, shows, and discussions. By the time ‘Units’ comes around, the bothy will be on the final leg of its journey, and the structure will remain in its last stop on the Canal at Fountainbridge for the Canal Festival on Saturday, noon-6pm.

Final Bothy Location at Edinburgh Quay

The Moveable Feast Bothy continues through the weekend, at the Edinburgh Quay. We will be open during the Edinburgh Canal Festival on Saturday from 12-6.

Edinburgh Quay
via: Re-Union Canal Centre
1 Union Path
EH3 9QB |
Hosted by Pat at Re-Union Canals


Final Bothy location, Edinburgh Quay

Programming Update

Dear Friends,

Just a quick note of thanks for all who have supported the itinerant nature of the Moveable Feast, it has truly been a beautiful experience for us all.

We are excited to announce our final siting for this last weekend is at Edinburgh Quay, canalside, – just in Fountainbridge.

Join us for Opening drinks for the exhibition Units, with work by James Currie and Zurich-based Anne-Laure Franchette on Friday evening from 7 p.m. The exhibition continues all weekend, and we will be open during the Edinburgh Canal Festival on Saturday from 12-6.

Come along Sunday at noon for our final day to hear ECA MFA graduate Rachael Disbury talk about her walking journey to find a good coffee, from Huntly towards Aberdeen. How far would you go for a good cup of coffee? Find out her answer on the day.
Art as life, Life as art, metaphor, practicalities, sore legs

As part of the Embassy Annuale, our own 17-day journey of the Moveable Feast has taken us from building at the back bins of ECA to our first siting at The Depot at Gayfield in Leith, then on to the street near the Number Shop on Pleasance, and recently into the countryside Mortonhall Campgrounds, and to land finally at the Union Canal. Each site and environs have been unique and generous in different ways, and our interactions with individuals and communities edifying.

We’ve collaborated with good folks like John Ennis, Alistair Grant, Andy the Manager at Mortonhall, and Pat at Re-Union Canals. |

Our happenings have run the gamut of public and private, with a screening of Black Mountain College documentary, a film set by Matthew Poland along with 3 other emerging Scottish artists: Jess Ramm, Katie Bootland, and Joanna Baxter Wilson, a live performance of the work Chair Span by Andrew Gannon, a talk with Dave Young and Privacy Scotland about state surveillance and you, a sculptural intervention by Donald Watson, a late-night video work by J Page Corrigan, a underpinning experimental residency scored by PHMcM, a dinner, a gazing at Bowie and Burroughs, and many happy hours, which produced a special Bothy Cocktail.

Please join us for our last happenings, Friday’s Currie and Franchette, and Sunday’s coffee with Rachael Disbury, if you’re so inclined.

See you canalside —

Patty, James, Stephen, Matthew, Donald

Walking Pilgrimage With Anthony Schrag

We will be walking Anthony Schrag out of Edinburgh as he is en route to Venice, Italy on a walking pilgrimage, set to arrive on October 1.

Anyone who’d like to join, we’ll be leaving St. Anthony’s Chapel ruins in Holyrood Park at 7:45 a.m. sharp, and plan to walk about 3 or 4 miles South out of town. We’ll part the walking party at the current Bothy siting: Mortonhall Campground and Caravan Park, at Mortonhall Gate. The no. 11 bus is an easy 20 minute ride back into the city centre, leaving every six minutes.

Please come along if you like – –
Wear good walking shoes!!
Anthony keeps up a good pace.

15_PHM_Anthony-Schrag_walk_1 15_PHM_Anthony-Schrag_walk_2 15_PHM_Anthony-Schrag_walk_3 15_PHM_Anthony-Schrag_walk_4 15_PHM_Anthony-Schrag_walk_5
Patty met Anthony on his entrance to Edinburgh on the Firth of Forth Bridge. They had a walking discussion for 5 miles. Patty again joins Anthony on his journey leaving Edinburgh for his pilgrimage to Venice, Italy.

Bothy is Located at Mortonhall

The Bothy has moved to its third location.


Bothy at site No. 326E

Mortonhall Caravan & Camping Park
38 MortonhallGate
Frogston Road
EH16 6TJ
Telephone: (0131) 664 1533 / (0131) 664 3137 / 0131) 672 3577

Travel Information

By Road
From the North or South, Mortonhall is just 5 minutes from the city by-pass A 720. Exit the bypass at the Straiton or Lothianburn Junctions and follow the signs for Mortonhall.

By Bus
Take the 11 Bus to the south away from the city centre to Mortonhall Gate stop


[Localhost] >> SNOOPER’S CHARTER REDUX EXTRA!!! w. Dave Young & Privacy Scotland

An open discussion on the topic of privacy and state surveillance in the context of the reintroduction of the Data Communications Bill in the current parliament. Edinburgh-based artist/researcher Dave Young will be joined by the founder and director of Privacy Scotland (, a charity “that exists to advance the human right to privacy for all individuals and groups across Scotland.”

The Data Communication’s Bill, often referred to as the Snooper’s Charter, is legislation that vastly extends the surveillance capabilities of various state agencies. The discussion follows a Localhost workshop on Friday 19th June where participants are invited to co-create a factsheet on the Snooper’s Charter for public distribution.

Localhost is a nomad workspace and events programme that aims to stimulate a deeper understanding of network technologies through participatory processes of dismantling, disrupting, and rebuilding.


Official Privacy_Scotland-logo


Film set by VJ Matthew Poland

Thursday, 18 June 7:00 p.m.
192 Pleasance
Edinburgh EH8 9RT

[outside the Number Shop]

A film showing by four artists around the theme of private spaces. Spaces that you find yourself in that is away from the public realm. Things you do,things that you experience that are maybe just for you and no one else.


Films by: Jess Ramm, Katie Bootland, Joanna Baxter Wilson, and Matthew Poland.

Come along at 6 for some drinks, and linger for discussion of films after.

This film series event takes place in Moveable Feast Bothy, a modular structure built to move. Itinerant in nature, the bothy is currently located at 192 Pleasance.